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10% of all purchases are pledged towards supporting our Bee Farmers

welcome to sustainable luxury

At VUND,we have deliberately redesigned the experience of creating ambiences that truly reflect you.

Each of our all-natural, phthalate-free fragrance profiles are balanced with earthy beeswax in recyclable, reusable and biocompostable materials to create one of a kind artisan home fragrances.

From Luxurious Candles to Flame Free Wax Melts and Fragrance Mists; our products are designed to be Planet + People + Pet friendly.

10% of all purchases are pledged towards supporting our Bee Farmers



Our fragrance profiles have been crafted by Masters in Perfumery using ingredients that are ethically sourced and certified clean. Organic & Natural ingredients are the backbone of our ethos.
gender neutral fragrance profiles


Experience luxury with our hand crafted, ethically made phthalate free essential oils. Each fragrance profile helps you create signatory olfactory vignettes that are as unique as YOU ! 
We are all about upcycling

Aiming for zero

We challenged the industry norm to create truly sustainable packaging - from bio-compostable sugarcane labels to bio-degradable mushroom packaging.


Partner with us to make one of a kind candles that create a sustainable impact on Bee Conservation + Reforestation + Ocean Rescue.
Your Support Means everything to us

This brand was created out of a necessity to pair a sustainably crafted artisan product with the right consumer. 

Our products were created to break common myths around ethical sourcing & financial barriers to sustainable products.

We hope you will choose to shop with us, support our farmers and continue to reevaluate your choices around sustainable luxury.