Bee Conservation

As a part of our mission, we partner up with Bee Farmers across America and introduce their passion to our eco-conscious customers. This has introduced customers and small businesses to fostering and supporting bee farmers learn and continue to spread their message around bee rescue + conservation. 


Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. The business operates an apiary, keeping bees in dozens of naturally-managed hives, on roofs, backyards, and nooks dispersed throughout NYC.
Brooklyn Grange provides several key ecosystem services, and partners with numerous non-profit and community service organizations throughout New York to promote healthy and strong local communities.
VUND has partnered with CITY GROWERS to help educate the next generation of bee keepers - The BROOKLYN BEE CORP. 
VUND sponsors Brooklyn Bee Corp at City Growers . Pic taken during a workshop with them on the rooftop farm at Industrial City Brooklyn.
The Queen City Bee Co. was founded by Carlier & Sally in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
The Bee rescue farm provides a range of Bee Education services to Local restaurants and supports Local Beekeepers in starting and maintaining Hives.
They allow for businesses to Sponsor, foster, or own their hive at their farms 
The foundation was started with the aim of ending hunger, providing food security and improving the environment 
By decreasing the use of practices such as burning, clearing and ploughing, Forest Gardens reduce deforestation by eliminating farmers' dependence on forests for food, timber, and many other non-timber forest products. The positive environmental impacts include carbon sequestration, biodiversity increased, land restored, and so much more.
The Bee Sanctuaries consist of honeybee hives and/or native bee houses placed in zoos, urban farms, and other green spaces where they serve as valuable environmental and educational resources.
Through programming that includes educational talks, classes, wildlife walks, citizen science initiatives, and more, THE CONSERVANCY  engages thousands of people, inspiring environmental stewardship while educating on the importance of bees.
One-third of the bee sanctuaries are placed in close proximity to urban farms or community food gardens, where they help increase crop yield and support local food systems. 



STEP 1 : Save your empty candle jars, tins and home fragrance bottles ( SEE RECYCLING GUIDE)

STEP 2: Once you have collected 5-10 empties, Create your Mailing Label here

STEP 3: Drop off your package to be recycled responsibly.