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We started VUND Collective with the objective of making sustainable luxury accessible by deliberately embracing better business practices in our sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, packaging and shipping.  Our collaborations and partnerships further this goal by investing in the lives of those impacted. 
At VUND, we believe that luxury is not a price tag but rather the conscious intent with which the product is made.Our all-natural, phthalate-free unisex fragrance profiles are earthy and balanced in recyclable, reusable, and bio-compostable materials. 
Our products are designed to be Planet + People + Pet friendly.
Your support helps us create a sustained impact on Bee Conservation and Reforestation 
We choose to support Bee Rescue + Conservation + Education
We choose to support Women led Sustainable Businesses and Artists. 
We choose to support reforestation efforts that partner with at risk communities and save lives by providing income, and education while regrowing forests .
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