Founder Story

Dr. Vandana Arcot's experience in the United Nations as a reproductive healthcare specialist gave her a unique perspective on the power of small-scale business owners to make a major impact. She believed that empowering women in sustainable agricultural practices like bee keeping allowed them to advocate for their rights while providing an income source to those who needed it most. 

To this end, Dr. Arcot founded VUND, a company dedicated to providing high-quality natural home fragrances + decor . The company's mission is to provide access to safe and sustainable household products that are free from harmful chemicals, fragrances, and stabilizers - ingredients which Dr. Arcot had witnessed first hand as having detrimental effects on her child's health. 

To meet the needs of eco conscious customers who demand a more committed level of conservation, Dr. Arcot was determined to create a brand that lived up to its ethos in every way possible. 

Our Ethos

VUND encourages customers to join in their mission by supporting projects that work toward global sustainability initiatives.

 As one of the first candle companies to join the PACT Collective, VUND allows for recycling their great care to ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced, and they have put in place sustainable practices regarding packaging and shipping used products. 

The company also encourages its growing eco conscious clientele to sponsor and foster hives with emerging bee keepers in an effort to build sustainable businesses . Currently over 35 women led apiaries across the USA are sponsored and supported by us. 

The company is dedicated to supporting bee conservation and helping young people learn about the importance of bees. Working with CITY GROWERS and Brooklyn Grange, they equipped and support the Brooklyn Bee Corp; a paid summer program that trains high-school students in beekeeping and pollinator conservation.

VUND is redefining the industry standard when it comes to sustainable and ethical production practices. By using ethically sourced ingredients, renewable materials, recyclable packaging and biodegradable shipping materials; VUND is demonstrating a commitment to building a more sustainable society for generations to come.

As Dr. Arcot said “It’s up to us, as businesses, to take responsibility for our impact on the planet.”